About this fundraiser

  On February 3rd I was visiting my 74 year old mother at her house. She was telling how she had been having indigestion for about a month and her chest hurt. Tried to get her to go Dr. But she thought she was fine. At 5:30 the next morning my father called and I went over and took her to the ER. They had determined she had a heart attack and flew her flight for life from Grant Ne. to Kearney Ne.  My brother lives in Kearney so he was there at least when she arrived. When I arrived there they were doing tests and would not have a decision until next day how to proceed. When the Heart Dr's came in the next day around mid-afternoon they said was to complicated of a case and they then transferred her to Omaha Ne. to the University of Nebraska Mediacl Center. On February 13th the heart teams finally reached a deciaion on how to proceed. On the 14th of February she went in for a quadruple bypass and heart valve replacement.  Surgery was 6½ hrs but went well. She was in ICU and doing well that day. The next day she was not doing good. They determined her kidneys were shutting down and placed her on dialysis for the next 3 days. It started working and she came around finally but was not in the best shape at all. Usually the patients are moved out of ICU in 2 days. She was there a week. On the 27th of February we were finally able to head home to Grant Hospital they are a swing bed and she was there for a week doing PT/OT and Cardiac rehab. I was finally able to take her home on the 5th of March. She was ready to be home with my Dad and her dog. The new drugs are ridiculous expensive they have her on now and medicare does not cover it all. She will need to be going back to Omaha for visits the next few months which is a 5HR. drive one way. She will need some help this first month at home as my dad can't help as he is on Oxygen and has bad COPD. She loves to go to senior center and paint but that will be on hold for a while. She also goes to branson Missouri to church minnestries down there with group of church ladies. . But will have to miss this year. She is very active in church and believes in Gods will. Well I guess he has plans for her here yet which we all are greatful for. My parents are on a fixed income and this has been a big expense for them as well as me and my brothers. My boss was very  good to me and let me be with her while she was up there. When I came home a couple days my brother would go up so she was not alone. Hotels and meals are expensive these days for sure. Anything would be appreciated to help them through this rough time. Praying it goes easy for her. She is strong in her faith and will. She is tough and battles through. She has always helped and cared for others before herself and given when she couldnt afford to but always made it work. She probably would be mad that I am doing this but I just dont want her to have to worry if she can get her medicine and help she needs. If you can help thank you. If not thanks for taking time to read about my mothers heart ordeal.  It is a huge heart she has and she will be fine with all the prayers.   Thanks

Organized by

Dale Brueggeman

Ogallala, NE, USA