About this fundraiser

Hello friends, 

 It is with a heavy heart that I have to ask for help. 

My boys’ grandmother has just passed away  from a rapidly spreading cancer that took her life in just 2 weeks from the diagnosis. Even though she lived in Scotland, my boys loved her dearly and would speak to her over video call every week. She came to Texas to help when  Finley and Caelan were born and came to meet Stirling when he was 2 . We will miss her dearly and mourn the memories that were never able to be made, as we were so far and there was never money to travel. 

My kids do not have much family in the United States. We have my mom and my cousin. My dad, brothers, aunts and uncles have all passed .  In Scotland, they have their grandfather, aunt, 3 cousins and a new baby 2nd cousin they are excited to meet, and more! I need to take them to pay respects to their sweet grandmother and to meet their family. I am asking for help as I was not financially prepared for a last minute trip overseas, but not going is not an option. If I go on this trip, my money for my bills will go to a plane ticket and then I’ll be missing a good amount of work that I just can’t afford.  I am already financially sketchy and honestly, this trip could ruin me.  But them traveling without me is not an option,. So I am asking please if possible could you spare some change to help me get my kids to their grandmother‘s funeral? 



Organized by

Ashley Tanner

The Colony, TX, USA