About this fundraiser

I am reaching out to share a significant and unexpected challenge I've been facing recently. Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, which led to the necessity of undergoing surgery to remove one of my kidneys. While the surgery itself was successful, shortly afterward, I experienced a severe reaction to the biotherapy medication prescribed to prevent cancer recurrence and manage the disease. This reaction has complicated my recovery, requiring additional medical attention and prolonged hospital stays.

As you can imagine, dealing with cancer and its aftermath has been emotionally and financially overwhelming. Medical bills are mounting, and the costs of ongoing treatments, medications, and specialized care are far beyond what I had anticipated or prepared for. During this difficult time, I am deeply grateful for the support and encouragement I've received from friends, family, and my community. Your generosity and kindness would mean the world to me as I continue to focus on my health and recovery.

Your donation, no matter the amount, will help alleviate the financial burden of medical expenses and allow me to concentrate on healing and regaining strength. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering supporting me on this journey. Your thoughts, prayers, and contributions are greatly appreciated.

Organized by

Vince Redhouse

Newport, OR, USA