About this fundraiser

This fund raiser is in honor of Douglas Allen Crutcher, who recently passed from an illness and medical complications. A loving son and brother who didn't have the foresight to prepare for his transition. It left a painfully disheartening  burden on his loved ones and family.

This is a scenario that is all to disparaging and prevalent, in underserved and impoverished communities in our metro areas nationwide. We all need to help these needy families, elderly, and children alike. Deal with the rising cost of funeral expenses and the anguish of lost!

In honor of our beloved brother Douglas, we have decided to combat this epidemic problem. By reaching out to you and others to bring awareness, support, and financial relief to those who are in desperate need. Please help make a difference! Let's all pay it forward to change this dynamic, and ease the stress and pain of putting the ones we love away respectfully. It takes a village to raise a child; and a loving community to see we are ALL buried with grace, love, and dignity!

Let's make this one, the start of us assisting one million! That this ideology evolves into perpetuity. We can know our lives wasn't in vain, and we were there when it was decided to change this dreadful narrative!

Blessings and Peace,

Deveren L Crutcher [email protected]                     1(313) 756-0932

p.s. I truly hope to hear from each one of you, and your family and friend. We look forward to helping everyone possible ease the transition and grief of losing a loved one! God Bless

Organized by

Deveren Crutcher

Detroit, MI, USA