9/14/2023 Update: Life with terminal cancer sucks, there’s really no other word to describe it. It’s nerve wracking waiting for the next lab work, Ct scan, pet scan..your life is nothing but a ball of nerves. Some days are good; I get up and draw on my eyebrows (to compensate for the one that won’t grow back), go to the store, kick life’s ass. Some days are bad; I stay in bed a lot and throw up most of the day and night, life kicks my ass. Then you have the next set of labs, to find out no more treatments for a while because you’re in liver failure. When normal results range between 7-56 and mine is a little over 1800 🧐 yeah, my liver is definitely not livering as it should. But, that explains all the sickness and feeling blah. So we’re going to schedule a CT on your head to monitor the brain tumors; they are considered “stable”, no shrinkage but yay, 👏🏻 no growth either. So, let’s go ahead and do a pet scan so we can determine what our next step should be…. These results will make you or break you (in my opinion). There’s nothing scarier than waiting for a doctor in Texas to call you and tell you the best news you’ll hear this month or the worst news you’ll hear. Then she calls; it’s spread. Long story made short, I have a new lesion on my liver (4 total), it’s in part of my stomach and my gall bladder. Then she gives you the best three options you have to choose from. Are they easy choices? No, but I have less than 48 hours to make a choice. When you hear the words, it’s time to think about quality over quantity, your world breaks. I’m hurt, angry, upset, devastated. My morning prayer with God is not our typical one today. He knows I’m hurt and honestly mad. He knows I’m breaking and have yet to see the reason why I have to continue to make these hard decisions. But, He loves me anyway. 
Please pray for my family, as we navigate our future the best way we can. Please pray as we choose quality over quantity in the rest of my time on Earth. Please share my story, as maybe my reason for going through this will be to help another mom, who will have to choose quality over quantity one day.

Update: I have made it to Texas!! The new scans showed news we did not expect nor wanted to hear. It has spread to my brain and there are two tumors in my cerebral cortex. After consulting with a neurologist, it has been determined I am not a surgical candidate at this time. The left side numbness and pain I have been experiencing is not from nerve damage but side effects from the tumors. I will be starting trial immunotherapy medications and depending on how well I tolerate those, I will be able to go home. I will have radiation on my brain and my liver as well once I am back home. I will have to return to Texas every 6-8 weeks for progression monitoring. Thank you all for your support this far! thank you for being a part of my Cancer Journey. 

As some of you know, I fought cancer for almost a year, then I heard I was in remission. In two short months after hearing that news, I found a lump in my throat. After a biopsy, it showed the Advanced clear cell renal cell carcinoma that originally attacked my kidney was now in my lymph nodes. I had a pet scan and it’s also in my right lung, and in my liver. There are three lesions (tumors) in my liver, one being the size of a lime. I have sent my information to numerous Cancer hospitals, some turned me away because of how aggressive it is. John Hopkins told me the truth; even with treatment, it will be a miracle for me to be here for Christmas. Imagine having 5 children and hearing those words. I’m so devastated and heartbroken. MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas has accepted the challenge and will see me as a patient. The only issue, is how expensive it is to get there and to stay. I’m here asking for help because I am desperate for more time with my children, more time to be here to watch them graduate, go to college, I’m so desperate for time. 
I will be leaving July 10th, and will come back on August 1st. We will need help for a hotel for the stay, and our round trip flights, and for expenses to help with our children who will be at home with family. I am asking for help because my husband will be going with me (as I cannot go alone), and he will be out of work. If you can help in anyway, please find it in your heart to do so. My family appreciates all prayers and donations from everyone, I could never thank you enough! 

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