I never thought I would hear the words  Kevin you have cancer   Eileen and I were sitting in the doctors office and we heard those words from a doctor on November 2, 2022. Unless you’ve been there, you do not understand what we go through.  The waiting for a diagnosis, the emotional stress, the physical pain, and the financial burden due to lost income , out-of-pocket medical expenses and travel expenses.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma on December 8, 2022. I started a 3 drug treatment plan two different times and had to stop each time due to some complications.  The last time was on Jan 3rd  I made it one day and injured myself at home on Jan. 4th and ended up in the hospital for 7 days with 5 fractured vertebrae and in excruciating pain. Doctor performed RFA w/ Anesthesia and Balloon Kyphoplasty and injected cement into 3 vertebrae on Jan. 10th and I got to come home on Jan 11 to recover some more.  The fractures are healed and the pain is gone . I started a new 4 Drug treatment plan on Jan. 26, 2023.  It will be once a week for several months and the Doctor will be doing several blood tests every 4 weeks to see how the drugs are working.  It’s been a long and hard journey but God has got me and He will get me through it.   I am very blessed   God is Great 

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