A few weeks ago, our most beloved lola (grandma) had to be rushed to the hospital. Her heart, which has always had more than enough room for her over 50 children, grandkids, and great grandkids, was getting old and tired. Lola was a constant in our lives while growing up. Whether we craved a favorite dish, needed uniforms for school or costumes for a play (she is still the best seamstress I've ever known!), or just wanted a pro at haggling when shopping – she was there. She volunteered her time and skills at church and the community. She made everyone she came in contact with feel like she was their own grandma. 

Gratefully, through the power of prayer and the valiant efforts of her nurses, doctors, and the rest of her medical team, Lola Nina came home after a nearly two-week stay at the hospital. The Lord had other plans for her, however, and she peacefully reunited with her Maker on October 23rd. We humbly turn to you -- friends, family, and kind strangers – to please lift us up during this difficult time. We hope that one day we could help you out in return or pass your generosity forward. Thank you.

Organized by

Christine Gant

Vienna, VA, USA