Aiden was recently diagnosed with aplastic anemia. He will be starting immunosuppressive therapy next week, requiring several hospitalizations and then possibly a bone marrow transplant.

At least one parent must stay with him at all times, causing them to miss work. Any financial contributions would help greatly to support Aiden and his family during this tough time.  

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  • Fort Worth procedure

    Jan 24, 2023

    Not only will Aiden be receiving a bone marrow transplant, but he also is very high risk to have fertility issues. There is a procedure that can be done this week (before transplant) in Fort Worth. This procedure would try to preserve his ability to have children in the future.

    Jacqui has no salary while she's out on FMLA.

    Please consider donating to help cover these travel costs, as well as the upcoming procedure.

    As always, prayers are appreciated.

  • Bone Marrow Transplant is next...

    Jan 12, 2023

    Yesterday was an informative day at the clinic. Aiden's diagnosis is now pre-leukemia/refractory cytopenia/mds. He will be admitted to Texas Chidren's Hosplital (TCH) between the last week of January to mid February. The decision about what would be safer for his transplant has not been made. His 9/10 match donor is a 27 year old female, American and was confirmed that she is willing to donate her stem cells. They are considering using Jackie's or Alton Sr's. cells due to some new research findings about long term recovery from transplants instead of the stranger match. Aiden will get high intensity chemotherapy for 6-10 days to prepare his body for the bone marrow cells. Then he gets his transplant via transfusion and the waiting begins. Once the cells engraft, (typically about 2-4 weeks), he will be released to go home when he has certain blood counts. Best case scenario is a six week hospitalization. The chances of engraftment are high, but sometimes it doesn't happen. His biggest risks will be severe infection when his immune system is wiped out by the chemo and engraftment failure. The science in this area has greatly improved over the last 5-7 years. There are also a lot of long term effects of the chemotherapy that the doctors will do there best to try to mitigate and prevent.
    Please continue to share this page and donate if you can. As always, your prayers are most appreciated, both for Aiden, his doctors, and his family.

  • Update

    Dec 15, 2022

    Aiden got his central line put in on Monday. This was in anticipation of him beginning immunotherapy on Tuesday. Due to a concerning bone marrow biopsy result, he will not be able to start the therapy as previously indicated. There has been additional genetic testing and doctors have decided a bone marrow transplant is the best path for Aiden.
    There are 2 donor registry matches that are behind explored before looking at Jacqui and Alton II.
    Please continue praying for Aiden and his team of doctors. Your donations are also still much appreciated considering the future plans.