About this fundraiser

I am not here for a hand out. I work hard, like 15-16 hrs a day hard, but I’ve run into a large mass on my left breast, and yes…it is THAT, so the rat race begins. Although I work lots of hours —housing costs for myself, 2 kids and grandson are high and we have JUST moved in last month & cannot afford to be late or behind. I’m drowning in bills due to co pays and high nov in costs and bills and I am willing to work thro this whole breast ordeal but I  need a boost to get ahead. To plan for the worst case scenario…I’m even willing to payback anyone willing to help me. Please donate or share whatever God puts on your heart in this hard time for me and my family. I have company medical insurance but the copays are killing me. Thank you for your help And prayers…❤️

Organized by

Marisa Braxton

Spanaway, WA, USA