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My name is Deidria and everyone calls me DeDe. My Heart appreciates you reading my story and your helping heart, hand, and prayers. I was working in my career and a student looking to propel my studies and M.A. with additional courses and other ventures I was seeking to promote and help others literally being a passenger in a car accident I was t-boned and knocked unconscious in that was the start of my health and life completely changing. Prior to the car accident I was working at a known corporate company for 4 years. However, due to my doctor at the time was unable to advise my employer of a specific date when I would return to work due to my injuries in the accident and abnormal bloodwork that was revealed and further assessments that I had to undergo I was terminated due to FMLA guidelines. 


I have been in the fight of my life day to day with a rare disease called Addison’s disease/Adrenal Insufficiency and I have to wear a medical ID bracelet daily because I could go into a sudden fatal crisis due to the severity of my condition, I have an abnormal heart valve/Patent formen ovale, chronic migraines, daily chronic pain, RA autoimmune condition, intestinal/abdominal condition, cognitive impairment, fatigue, chronic vein insufficiency disorder, and large blood clots. I also tackled Cushing’s syndrome and the long term/permanent issues the syndrome has caused to my body. Cushing’s syndrome is deemed difficult to diagnose, therefore it took some time before it was revealed what was adding to my pain and discomfort. Due to my immune system being ultra sensitive and weak I am susceptible to easily catch illness, which adds to the vulnerability of my health. I broke my leg and I had to have leg surgery and after several months it has been determined that I am allergic to the metal that was placed in my leg. However, I also need to have vein surgery for the vein insufficiency I suffer with on both legs before having the metal taken out so when the metal is removed my incision and leg will have a healthy vein blood supply from the working veins to heal properly. My daily symptoms the majority of my days can be debilitating, which causes me to have to use a cane daily to walk.


The reason I haven’t had either of the surgeries yet is because I was essentially forced to move from my apartment when my requests went ignored to make repairs in an uninhabitable living condition that I was exposed to that created another health condition for me, which is asthma. Therefore, since I am currently displaced I am unable to have the procedures I need until I have a stable home again. Also, when I was forced to move the movers stole many of my things and badly damaged my things and the office desk, etc. my Dad gave me, which I cherished. I was going to eventually give the desk to AMVETS since my Dad was a proud veteran and the desk was in wonderful condition but after the movers damaged it then the desk was no longer salvageable. The Love of my Life died a sudden death and my Dad died from cancer in 2022 and they were my moral support. Both were my true buddies and Dad was always there for me if I ever needed him from birth. Also, having to grieve and try to handle the pain from their deaths in addition to the only cousin I had that was like a little brother to me being found dead frozen to death in an abandoned house due to the neglectful malice deeds of someone else all has a deep impact on me. There were other significant people in my life that passed away when little was known about how to handle Covid-19 and the virus was wreaking havoc on individuals and families as well. I am an only child and seeing people removed from my life so abruptly did cause severe depression and anxiety knowing that I have chronic illnesses/pain along with hearing doctors/medical professionals say to me how critical it is to maintain my medications or I would die and wondering where the future was headed.


Last year I experienced two near death encounters when I caught Covid-19 for the first time and when I had an allergic reaction to IV contrast for an MRI that led to me having bacteria bronchitis/bacteria pneumonia. As of recent I just completed treatment for a intestinal overgrowth and the past several months I’ve been in and out of the urgent care, ER, hospitals doctor offices/visits/followups, etc. and staying in various extended stays that weren’t always safe, sleeping in a car, and with mounting medication costs, medical costs/bills for surgeries, procedures, tests, bloodwork, etc…in addition to the upcoming procedures/surgeries I need I am truly in need help due to exhausting my savings taking care of my health conditions. Outside of health conditions being debilitating, medical bills are debilitating due to the exhaustion of resources to continue care and well-being. I have only visited a platform such as Give A Hand to help others because giving is always in my heart, however, I didn’t think I would need to ask for help for myself. Any blessing that GOD assigns to your heart to help me with is beyond greatly appreciated and will be put towards paying up several months to a year at a new place to live so I will have a stable place due to my health and to have the procedures I need as well as helping with the costs associated for things I will need  before and after the vein surgery and then metal removal surgery.

Thank you for your time and I am truly grateful for you reading my story. I am appreciative of any amount I am blessed with. It’s the heart, action, and thought that counts. This chronic illness/pain journey has tried to take away my faith and hope after receiving a diagnosis of severe depression and anxiety. However, I try hard to keep building my Faith stronger and stronger and ask daily for GOD to continue to strengthen me so I can continue my journey to securing a stable place to the vulnerability of my health conditions, healing, and nurturing my mental health and life overall to be able to contribute back into society in the future to make a brighter day for others.

- Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me…

- 2 Corinthians 9:8 And God is able to make all grace overflow to you, so that, always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed…

- Corinthians 13:13 But now faith, hope, and love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

GOD Bless You, 


Organized by

Deidria B.

Saint Louis, MO, USA