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pay! They paid me for my 3 days of orientation, which we all know isn't much, and has refused to help me get back to California. I literally was crying and begging them to at least pay for me to fly back, and was told to "No, I wish you luck and have a nice day!", and hung up on.

I was and still am, at a total loss for words! I literally have $30 to my name and absolutely NO means of getting back to California. Which is 10,000 miles from where I am! Both of my parents are in heaven with my boy, my dad passed 5 yrs ago and my mom passed in February 2023, 4 months prior to my son's passing.

Please, I need help! I have never been in this type of situation and I don't have any where else to turn...

I would appreciate any type of support that is offered.

I truly appreciate you!

Organized by

Deena Wadley

Centennial, CO, USA