Latest update as of Jun 10, 2024

  • Surgery #2

    Dear friends and family,

    After two plus months with the wound vac, I have been healed up for several weeks and very much enjoying new freedom of movement (both from the wound vac and because of the lipedema reduction).

    My second surgery is scheduled for next Monday, June 17th and will treat the front of my legs. This one will be a different surgical approach from the first surgery. I may have more pain and swelling in the first week, but hopefully after that, recovery will move quicker. Thanks, as always, for your love and support! We'll keep you posted.


About this fundraiser

A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with a fat tissue disorder called lipedema. Lipedema is a progressive, likely genetic condition in which some fat cells are enlarged and cause pain, swelling, and mobility issues. It affects mostly women and can show up after major estrogen events like puberty, pregnancy, and menopause.

Since my diagnosis, I've been having increased swelling and pain and trouble doing all of the activities that I love to do, including running around with Asher!

There are no cures for lipedema, but there is surgical treatment to remove the affected tissue. They can't remove it all at once, so I'll be going through 4 surgeries over the course of 2024 (three months apart from each other). It's a lot! But I have a thoughtful and experienced surgeon and I know that this is the best option for me.

Lipedema is under-studied and under-diagnosed. It was discovered in the 50s, but because it almost entirely affects women and because those women present with enlarged areas of their bodies, fatphobia and misogyny have left lipedema in the research dust. Luckily, social media, for all its downsides, has brought together women with these symptoms who have advocated for more research and better care.

I had to fight for over a year with insurance to get these surgeries covered and I won. But we still have a high-deductible plan and expect to have over $5000 in out of pocket medical expenses. Any support you offer through this fund will go directly to those expenses. Thank you for being here and for supporting us in all of the ways that you do.


Gabriella, Louis, and Asher

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