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Hi friends, family, and strangers. I hate writing this, but this is our current reality.

Recently, my partner, Matt, the loving father of our Mateo, received heartbreaking news: his dad has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, with a short expectancy.

Matt’s dad is in Wisconsin, and our life is at a halt. As we as a family navigate through this challenging time, your support can make all the difference. We are reaching out to friends, family, and kind-hearted strangers to help alleviate their financial burdens so that Matt can spend these precious moments with his father without the weight of financial stress. Every contribution will go directly to covering daily needs, travel costs, gas, and bills enabling Matt to take time off work and focus on what truly matters—cherishing every minute with his dad.

Please, let’s come together to provide comfort and peace of mind during this critical time. Your support, whether it be a donation or sharing this campaign with others, is invaluable. Thank you for your generosity and support.


Organized by

Paula Roa

Chicago, IL, USA

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