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Hello my name is Jonathan McAllister.


For nearly eight months I helped a multimillionaire client whom was locked out of his wealth, his home, and was teetering on a  razor’s thin edge of homelessness while fighting with his mother over his assets.  I made a risky decision and sacrificed my time, energy, goodwill and my families financial resources to help him remain safe, sheltered, fed and alive!

I helped him go through rehabilitation, detoxification,  and gave him 24 hour access to my life and resources , while he was estranged from his family!

I provided spiritual and natural resources, paid for all of his life needs for eight months.  When his lawyer that he had an outstanding debt with bailed on him, I helped him get a warrant quashed, and helped him back into his home!  I communicated with Charles Schwab on his behalf and with his permission for over 6 months, successfully helping him regain access to nearly a million dollars of his assets, which his mother had unlawfully moved from his account!  He was blessed to receive many other life-changing and life sustaining resources at my expense.

Now that this gentleman is back on his feet, reunited with his family, and about to receive the $800,000 that I helped him regain access to, he has reneged on his contract to pay me $200,000. Please help me raise $10,000 so that I can retain Attorney Gary Abrams. Mr. Abrams will not charge me more than $10,000.

Fortunately I have a notarized signed contract!

I greatly appreciate your kindness, time and consideration!


In June 2023 a friend of mine whom owns Northwest Yellow Taxi, asked me to help him with one of his clients whom was renting his limousine services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I started doing 12 hour shifts driving his limousine for this multimillionaire client. This client and his family own a 100 year old fourth generation Chicago based company!

Here’s a little backstory and context. This client’s father died about six years ago and left him a large amount of money and assets. Unfortunately he went into a depression and separated from his family.

To make a long story short, not long after I started working the 12 hour shift, the client’s mother moved nearly $1 million of his money illegally and stopped his cash flow.

The client was forced to live in my vehicle for nearly 8 months, while I helped him get access to his assets that his mother moved, and back into his condo that he owns but did not have access to because of the family drama! I made a very risky decision to help him. He would have been homeless on the streets of Chicago without my support and sacrifice.

For nearly 8 months, I paid for all of this client’s life sustaining needs, and many of his wants. I helped him through rehabilitation and detoxification. I connected him to spiritual and natural resources, encouragement and mentorship. As a minister myself, I come from a lifetime of helping others. I was blessed with mentorship from my parents, and other amazing people that have sown seeds of wisdom, knowledge, and love into my life.

Yes, this individual lived in my Buick Enclave for 8 months under my supervision and meticulous care.

The client owes me $200,000. I have a signed notarized contract. Unfortunately, now that he’s on his feet and stands to receive his money in April, he has reneged on that contract. I have the contract, as well as all of the documentation which proves that I did what the contract entails. I also have video evidence, police cam footage and witnesses!

I can truly say, that at 59 years old I have never seen anything remotely close to this ordeal that I’m currently experiencing.  Needless to say, to be told that he’s not going to pay me, is extremely discouraging and frustrating.  If Mr. Bradfield and his family were poor and needy, then I would definitely understand; however, they are very wealthy and more than capable of fulfilling their financial obligation to me.

By the way, did I mentioned that I literally door-dashed often to pay for most of his needs! The cover photo is literally me doordashing with balloons from Party City, while he is resting on a comfortable foam mattress! 

My vehicle was normally used to provide concierge transportation services from the Swissotel in Chicago, $500 to $1,000 daily income that I put on the back burner, so that I could stand in the gap for Daniel and help him get back on track!

Now that I have been nearly bankrupted by helping him, he has decided that we were just basically on a joyride for the last eight months, and that he was entitled to everything that I did, even though in his right mind, he signed a contract which documents that he agreed to pay me $200,000!

Please help me pay Attorney Gary Abrams a retainer to assist me in making this individual and his multimillionaire family accountable to the $200,000 notarized contract that he signed. I greatly appreciate your kindness, time and consideration!

My goal is not to hurt this families reputation, I’m simply trying to get paid for the services I provided to literally save his life. All glory to God.

Here are a few pictures of him living in my car under my care.  The final picture is what he looked like after nearly 8 months of rehabilitation in my vehicle.  Total restoration!

I have tons of video documentation.

Now that he’s back on his feet and reunited with his family, they’ve reneged on their financial obligation to me. Please help me raise the funds!

When you view these photos, please consider that I paid for all of this gentleman‘s life expenses for eight months. He went through rehabilitation, detoxification, and received impeccable respectful care and hospitality from me over an 8 months period when he literally had no access to his millions of dollars in assets! 

The $65 haircut on his birthday, which I paid for was his first haircut in nearly 8 months!

Again, all glory to God, but I still have bills to pay. 

Thank you very much for your support!

Jonathan McAllister







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Jonathan McAllister

Chicago, IL, USA