About this fundraiser

Hello everyone, my name is Melissa and my family was recently evicted from our home illegally by a predatory landlord who promised repairs and heating and never following through he said he would refund what we purchased and then ignored our requests. We made the decision to give him notice to fix the issues, refund us and install heat as promised otherwise we had to take out what we paid for space heaters from the rent, as we had other obligations  And he immediately retaliated and began the eviction process. 

As we were always current, he started by using my PSA and bipolar as the reason. And left the 30 day notice in the mail box, we asked for a jury trial and filed our answer explaining everything to the court. The first came and went and a trial date set we made sure our paperwork with counter was ready. Then another eviction came for to pay the rent withheld in 3 days and vacate 30 days from the date notice was written. (which again is not how it works) but this time we had 6 days to prepare, no option for trial, and this hearing would be 3 days before our trial. 

We believed we had a justifiable reason and the evidenc  to show the court. But not only were we shown that no matter the evidence you have,  as we watched our landlord lie on the stand, as his $400 an hr attorney (but can't provide heat per law) asked him questions regarding messages exchanged between my boyfriend and him,  he claimed a few days after the messages my boyfriend called and said he “didn't want to have a lease and the hearing and repairs were OK as is”…WHAT?? The Judge believed this…Anything we provided after that was deemed irrelevant and we were not only given 72 hours to move but over $1000 plus interest in fines. At the trial conference a few days later they dismissed our original case and simply said it was a “moot point” I was floored. 

So our search for a new residence continues. Our area rent is incredibly high and while we searched for places throughout this it was just not obtainable, especially after losing my mental health insuance due to a $50 income overage led me to being without my meds for months while trying to get it back and when i finally did this began and in trying to fight for what seemed legally and morally right, our legal system failed us, and so began a journey no one should ever have to take. 
We have called, emailed and text so many places in our area, state and federal government.  Spoken to non profits, churches and advocates. And we were able to secure a week through the homeless shelter, but they are full. The other option we have is either choicing between a warm, safe place using charities that run through an organization in the area or waiting and getting help when we find a place to rent. And the here and now seems more of a sure thing, but I thought that about the court too. I cant make another wrong decision, I cant fail again. Every part of this is really stressful, not just on your overall living situation,  but on your mental and physical health, your job, your family, your relationship and the way you start viewing the world. And the thought of what might happen if you don't have a place to go. Be arrested for sleeping in your car, robbed, assaulted or worse. It makes you hyper alert, anxious and concerned. You lose sleep, patience and are unsure of anything especially when it seems like something positive might finally happen, after so many things have not. And with someone suffering from severe mental health issues it's like walking on the edge of a clnit. At any point you might stumble and its game over. 

Through this ive had people tell me to set up a campaign, so i pondered, how does someone ask for help when they've never really done it before? I'm not talking about when someone offers, but to reach out and share a very emotional part of what is happening in your life to people you don't even know. People that have no connection and no reason to help. The feeling makes you nervous and apprehensive. And everyone has been in a place, each reason different, but the experience is the same. But when you are lost in that dark space and someone helps you...it is so humbling.

I am here now to ask for help so my family can heal from this nightmare. To help us regain a sense of self that was taken to swiftly with no concern for the damage it wreaks on people's identity and character. The cruelty and coldness of an action like this is modern day torture, cruel and unusual punishment. A betrayal on what we grow up knowing as human decency, being treated like trash, thrown out, left to eat out of trash bins, with no water or heat or safety (so much for the warranty of implied habitability" when even the law is allowed to break it so rashly. 

Anyone who just reads this and shares my story, offers kind words, or donates, from the bottom of my heart and my families we thank you. And it will not be forgotten, because once i am able to regain myself, I will fight for others who have fallen victim to the horrors of homelessness.  And find a way to help make them whole and heal from the abuse this cruelty inflicts on their lives.

Thank you for reading and any help you can give. I will update on our progress and hope with one success story, we can add another and  stop the atrociousities of homelessness.  

Funds raised will be used for 
Motel @ discounted rate approx $400 week
Additional fuel costs $50 week

My goal is for 2 months. And if we reach it sooner any left over money will be donated to another individual or family suffering the effects in our area with no help. Each event will be posted, so you can be there right along with us on this journey. Knowing you made a difference!

Thanks again….

Organized by

Melissa Lewis

Twin Falls, ID, USA