Latest update as of May 08, 2023

  • Thank you!!!

    I want to thank everyone who has donated so far! We don't know all of you that well, but it warms our hearts to read the comments you left and know how much Abbi meant to so many people.

    Thank you!!!

About this fundraiser

Our beautiful daughter, Abbi Raine Schaeffer, went missing in May 2022. Her family and friends mobilized, putting up posters, speaking to businesses and investigators, posting on social media, and searching for her themselves, while wondering what had happened to her.  In April 2023 the last hope faded when her remains were recovered.

Abbi was a beautiful person whose life was cut short. She had so many people that loved her and miss her.  We would like to have a place where her loved ones can go to be close to her, remember the times they had, and try to gain some peace.

You can help. Please consider donating to defray the cost of Abbi's funeral and final resting place. Any donations received beyond those expenses will be given to a charity that operates in the Kansas City area to help find missing persons.

Thank you in advance. Any amount you can offer will help.

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Belinda Schaeffer

Kansas City, MO, USA


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