About this fundraiser

I'm reaching out to the community for some help. On the 17th of November I got hospitalized for severe back pain and then medavaced to Anchorage for an mri.  Once reached Anchorage the doctors were able to manage my pain. I was sent to a hotel to wait for my flight back to Valdez when i was then back in the ER 2 more times on the 19th. This time pain was so Severe some of the most strongest opiods did not take the pain away. The nerve pain was so severe that it damaged my nerves to my leg leaving me unable to use my left leg. I was discharged on alot of meds and still in constant nerve pain. With referral to see neuro surgeon. A week went by after returning home and pain had been so bad i had not slept but a few hours in a week and was begging God for the pain to stop and the musle spasms to go away. Slowly increasing a nerve medication a week later and it started helping to relieve some of the intensity of the nerve pain were I could actually sleep a couple to few hrs without pain waking me. I can not work at The moment let alone walk far as I'm dragging my foot and leg and using a crutch to get around. The longer i stand the more intence the nerve pain gets so I have to Sit down every couple mins. This all came on suddenly and untill i can get an appt to see a surgeon which I'm waiting on phone calls to set up. Hoping once there Is an appt we can then schedule surery so i can recover and get on with my life and back to work. I'm a single mother and my son relys on me to bring home food, pay rent, and other bills one would take care of. I am also needing to travel to and from appts. This fundraiser is to help me get through this and help with the medical and living expenses while i get thru this medical emergency I'm having and recover. Also christmas is coming up and my son deserves a Christmas. Anything donated would be greatly appreciated and put towards things that are desperately needed. 

Organized by

Amelia Gray

Valdez, AK, USA