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Help Jason Rebuild His Life and Honor His Wife's Memory 

Imagine a future free from struggle. A future where Jason (Online he goes by Stark Solid) can finally find stable ground after a lifetime of challenges. 

Jason's story is one of resilience. He overcame the loss of his father, as he committed suicide back in 2012, leaving Jason in a deep depression in which he started using drugs.  HUGE MISTAKE! It wasn't long before Jason lost EVERYTHING! His job, his car, his house,  he even lost his teeth! Fortunately,  his wife stayed by his side and helped him to overcome the darkness of addiction. On May 17, 2020 (His wife's birthday), Jason got clean once and for all! Jason found hope in his wife's unwavering love, and together, they dreamt of a brighter future, with Jason pursuing his passion for affiliate marketing. 

Christine, Jason's wife, agreed to support Jason with her SSI income while Jason pursued his dream of starting his own online business. Unfortunately tragedy struck just as their dreams were taking flight. Jason lost his wife, September 2022, just 2 weeks before their 21 year anniversary! She was murdered by a 23 year old kid who later claimed in court that he just woke up that morning and felt like killing someone! Everyone keeps saying that she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time! To make matters worse,  Jason's business hadn't made any money yet so shortly after his wife's death, Jason, along with his wife's dog (A Black Lab named Donna) were thrown out onto the streets, homeless! Jason was left both heartbroken and homeless!

But Jason refuses to give up. He's dedicated to honoring his wife's belief in him. Every single day Jason spends countless hours at the library, honing his skills and working on his online business. Even through all the diversity,  Jason is determined to succeed. 

There's just one missing piece: a secure foundation. With your help, Jason can find a home, invest in his business, and finally achieve the financial stability he and his wife envisioned. 

Here's how you can make a difference: 

• A donation of any size will bring Jason closer to his goals. 

• Share Jason's story to raise awareness and inspire others. 

Together, we can help Jason find the light at the end of the tunnel. Let's honor his wife's memory and empower him to build a brighter future. 

Visit Jason's website: [starksolidsaffirmationmastery.com] 

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Jason Stark

Sacramento, CA, USA