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I have a young mother of 23 who has a brain tumor, a meningioma. She has a small son of four years of age. Just over a year ago, she had the tumor removed, and now it's back with a vengeance! The brain tumor Meningioma has returned! It requires immediate attention, as soon as possible. It's just a year and a half after the last surgery. Most meningiomas grow very slowly, often over many years without causing symptoms. But sometimes, their effects on nearby brain tissue, nerves, or vessels may cause serious disability. She is at this point again, where it needs immediate attention. Because of the growth just in the past year, it could affect her life or death. We are needing to raise to get around ten thousand dollars for surgery and aftercare the surgery is six thousand dollars and medication and medical support after the surgery.We Need all the prayers and support please ask God to guide you thoughts. The bill would have been over 60,000 for surgery and after hour care we are only need to raise is 10,000 of the 60G

Organized by

edward rourke

Orlando, FL, USA