About this fundraiser

If you met me between 2004 to 2008, you know I was WILD. Out of control. And totally different from who I am now. During that time, I had Jace. And a few years later, got pregnant again. Stuck in a snag situation (if you know you know) there was absolutely no way for me to care for a baby. So, I sought out a couple to raise my baby as their own. They couldn’t have children of their own and longed to be parents. I still remember the look on their faces when I placed Sophie Danielle in their arms. It made my heart happy.

The only reason over the last 16 years I was ok with any of this and was able to fully change my life was knowing 18 years isn’t that long and one day, she would come to find me. That dream died last Friday when her “mother” called to tell me that Soph ended her own life. Bullied by her parents because she tried “coming out of the closet” and their fix was to shove her back in and shove Christianity down her throat and when that didn’t work, sent her to a mental hospital and tried sending her drug rehab facility (she was a straight A honor student with no drug history) to “fix her”. When that failed, they threatened to kick her out of the house.

They won’t memorialize her. They won’t put her in their family plot because “her homosexual lifestyle is a sin” (For reference, she told her parents she felt attracted to women and thought something was wrong with her, never once acted on her feelings)

Funds will be used to bring her ashes home and lay her to rest.

Organized by

Cheri Brown

Sulphur, LA, USA