About this fundraiser

I had several disc crushing each other. They were severing some of my nerves and pressing against my spinal canal. The situation was severe that they had to go in through the front and move all my organs in order to get to the vertebrae then they put me back together flipped me over and did more to my back with rods and pins they also had to put rods and pins in the front while they were in there and I'm down for a minimum of 6 weeks laying on my back after that I can only get up for a certain amount of time each day and this could continue for up to a year or longer I have two kids that I have no child support for I raise them on my own and I have to keep a roof over our head I'm running out of options and out of people to help me and I don't know what else to do I'm desperate at this point for any help that anyone can get even if it's just a couple dollars it will mean more to me than you could ever imagine! 

Organized by

Sarah Weisbrod

Perryville, MO, USA