About this fundraiser

Hello,  my brother Calvin passed away at the age of 61 on 2/14/23. His body wasn't found till 2/16/23. He was a diabetic and had heart problems. He was never married or had any children.  Calvin was a very loving man who was born with special needs. I believe all good people deserve a farewell celebratio of life. 

So any donations made would be appreciated. We applied for a Pinellas County program that would have done his cremation for free. We were denied.  You can't own a home or make more than $1,700 a month. 

Calvin never really had a job because of his disability. He lived off of his disability check and side jobs. He loved working on motorcycles and lawnmowers. 

I would be so grateful for any help you can provide. 


Thank you,

His loving sister

Organized by

MaryAnn Cochran-Engel

St. Petersburg, FL, USA