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The Martenson Family of Funeral Homes - Allen Park Chapel
10915 Allen Rd, Allen Park, MI 48101
Attn: Mr Ryan For Ruth RAMIREZ. My mother pass away. June 20.2023.She was a kind caring sweet loving person she loved everyone. my mama was a beautiful precious person. She loved to crochet and knit. She made the best homemade tortillas and her mole. Wow no one can’t make it like hers. She always do the Sainta Cruz on everyone before we leave or before we go to bed. my mama was lucent in everyone heart. My mama Ruth Ramirez one of a kind she had the most beautiful smiled . She looked young still. My mama was88 yrs old. She also like to read cards.play donkey. She made a amazing cake with orange peels it’s was so delicious. My mama was a Queen. Queen of Tombstone. Those that knew her loved her. She didn’t had life insurance. I’m asking if you can help us. Put my mama to rest. I’m asking instead of sending flowers or cards. you can send what ever you like straight to the Furneral home. Every dollar counts . I put the information on top. You can send or take donations to the Funeral home.  Thank you

Organized by

Olga Vasquez

Ecorse, MI, USA