About this fundraiser

Hello, my name is Samantha and I am looking for help against interest rates. I'm trying to be debt-free and I feel that interest rates have put me in a low place and over the past 10 years, it has been a true challenge making a dent now that I've recently acquired a higher paying job and I want to turn to the world for assistance using this platform as a loan and I would like to pay everyone back once I am debt free. I feel the interest rates really haven't helped as most of my credit cards are close to maxed out. 

I now make about 25,000 under my total debt but the interest rates keep me from being able to pay my monthly bills and I owe my best friend's money and my car title was taken for one of my loans and I have attempted to ask my bank to lower my interest rates and unfortunately they only allowed 1% on one account (thanks NavyFed). So I'm at a loss and trying not to pull out another loan to put me in this mess. 

I'm very serious about paying people back after being close to debt free, my total debt is over 120,000 but if I could raise $100,000 it would truly help with my stress levels and my paychecks wouldn't be wasted toward interest. I currently make 95k and just started this current new job a few months ago. 

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I hope to gain the feeling of being debt free in order to pursue growing myself toward finishing my bachelor's degree and/or going into a boot camp, for IT. 

I racked up this debt by living in the locations where I didn't have access to a kitchen, bills went up when I was diagnosed with lupus, I opened a few loans as well where the interest rate is ridiculous, my credit card is basically close to maxing out so it's been a constant struggle of trying to grow my salary and I finally obtained a job gotten closer to my debt total, but this assistance would help tremendously. Not to continue pouring my money into the interest. I'm getting charged with my loans and credit cards. I really want to pay this money back to you for helping me reach my goals. As “A Lannister always pays his debts”

I do not feel great about the financial decisions I have made in the past and I am trying to catch up as I have been slowly approaching a better future, but I would like to use this platform to help me accomplish this sooner and finally pursue finishing my bachelor's and/or IT boot camp classes to gain a salary higher than my debt.

Thank you very much. I'm embarrassed posting this but I am trying to look at this as a loan request. I want to pay it all back. 

I will pursue looking into a roommate situation (to lower rental costs) as I'm living alone with my choice to heal mentally after an abusive relationship with my ex. I have ben  looking for a job for the weekends as my full time job is Monday through Friday. 

Organized by

Samantha Camacho Chavez

Woodbridge, VA, USA