About this fundraiser


I am not expecting much from this. Not even sure how I got on here but I think I'l  give it a try. 

It is very hard for me to ask for anybkind of help especially financially. Since I have been living in the U.S, I have always been the one taking care of my friends and acquaintances, lending them money or giving them a place to stay as long as they needed to ( zero charge, since I do not believe in charging someone who needs help)! I did got ribbed and lied to in between but at least I knew I did my best in helping them.


Now I am in a situation I never saw myself in. Drifting and trying to make ends meet. I also just started a small business/sidehustle which encounters some hurdles since the platform closed my store without any explanation having me invest into an e-commerce platform which has a high upfront cost. Sourcing merch, and manufacturing is another added cost + I had to get a car for me to get to work events. I am drowning, letting noone know since people would not accept or believe it. 

Living with a friend, I am not able to afford a space on my own. Visiting my elderly mom back home in Europe, not sure how to do it. 

My health is Nother concern, especially since my diet has changed to the worse ( used to be very healthy, now not any more due cost).

I am desperate, not knowing how tonpay for my car, insurance and business cost. Driving for Uber about 10-12 hours per day but do not see the money some other drivers telling me about. I am far from it. 

I am drowning and just want it to end. One way or another. I am doing my best to stay humble.

Afraid to ask for the help needed I just put a small amount since it is a big amount for me, which sadly doesnt even cover halfe of what I needed to pull through.

I work hard, have a college education and do my best to be a productive member in society. I love animals, nature and treat everyone as equal. 

There are emergencies and real cases who need financial help, which make my issue seem ridiculous. I see that but I hope you can at least somewhat understand me. 

As I wa saying before, I am not expecting anything from this platform, nor this post. If you took the time to read it “Thank You”. 

Have a great day

Organized by

Mary Leitner

Jacksonville, FL, USA