About this fundraiser

Hi , My name is Eureka and I just recently lost my sister from Sarcoma cancer 😪

The family found out about my sisters condition only a few months ago so the loss was very sudden .

My sister means a lot to me! she is my only blood sister by my mom 🤧 She helped take care of me when my mother was sick and after mom passed away.  

I have two children my son has met my sister but my daughter who is new to the family at 2 hasn't had the opportunity to meet a lot of family due to distance . 

My son 8, would like to attend the funeral but due to me not able to cover expenses I don’t think he can come unfortunately.   My daughter being only  two I have no one that she would be able to with here.

I’m a paraprofessional and I work with multi needs children on a day to day basis . Currently my job is on summer break for 30 days which leaves me to figure it out for the month. I’ve done alright managing the little money I do have from my last check in order to get by. I’m also a hair stylist part time but haven’t had the expected clientele after a recent move.

The death of my sister came unexpected and I really hoped my sister would be here with us longer . I have no emergency funds saved ATM and family has no extra funds do to this situation. Everyone is just trying their best to get there if possible. 

My sisters funeral is in Las Vegas in less than 2 weeks. I’m currently in Chicago, IL

I need this money to at least get my daughter and I there we would  stay 2-3 day for both memorial, wake and funeral services. Please if you can help this would mean a lot to me and my children. Anything Will help . #ScrewCancer

Organized by

Eureka Fairman

Chicago, IL, USA