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The most charitable and most loving person in the world has just passed last week, from this rare heart condition along with Alzheimer's. Many of you had the chance to meet him and you saw the kind gentle spirit and his deep dimples. Our father, Mr. Lloyd Carlton Jackson Sr. would have still been here to continue dancing, singing, enjoying many more fishing trips on the island of St. Thomas and make everyone around him smile,  if there was more awareness, knowledge, research and medicine for the rare condition. He didn't get that and would love to raise awareness and funds to be able to contribute to his legacy as he always looked out for others and put himself last.  We want to focus on the research and development to help many others who do not know they have this gene or do have it and can't  get the sufficient information and care they deserve. This support means everything to us as we aim to help families that feel like they have no options for care except for experimental drugs that have no end or cure. We watched his life slowly dwindle away in a very short amount of time of being tested.  Together we can help so that what we experienced doesn't have to happen to another family. Please help fund this cause and be an advocate for others who won't be able to help themselves without the research and your efforts. We greatly appreciate every penny whether today, tomorrow or next week and our father would too. A little goes a long way. Thanks again so much. 

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Princess Thomas

Columbia, SC, USA

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Latisha Jackson