About this fundraiser

he·ro  /ˈhirō,ˈhērō/  noun 

"-a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities."

She is a hero. A fighter. A wife. A Nana. A mother. A sister. A friend.

In March she got news that changed her life. 

She has cancer. 

She starts treatment April 10th. 

She is the most loving and selfless person. She has put a lot of good karma into this world and everyone is confident in her ability to cash in on that and kick ass at this fight. 

Unfortunately, this will be a hard fight. Both in strength of mind and body but also hard in the ability to keep the daily “normal”.

She has always been the one doing the taking care of, it's been a difficult transition to become the one being taken care of.

Many have helped already in a multitude of ways. Many have asked what they can do.

This is one way. 

She loves and appreciates the support and kindness.





Organized by

Jamie Votano

Riverbank, CA, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Carol Votano