About this fundraiser

Emergency funds needed to assist the Carosiello family reestablish a home. Recently had to choose between keeping my car to live in or save 3 paychecks to get into a house. Naturally chose a house that was affordable in my budget. So needless to say I lost the car because the finance company wouldn't not assist me in adding the missed payment to back end of then loan. So they reposted my car. So no with no car and my job being an hour drive away. I can longer get to work. So I was discharged from work for not being present as the manager they needed. So now no car, no job and now facing eviction for the first time in my life. With out a vehicle a can not get to any place of employment let alone keep the house I Recently got into. I am asking for a hand up not a hand out. Over time I am willing to pay back any all that feel they can assist me in raising th amount need to keep my home for my children. And myself. 

Organized by

Bradley Carosiello

Cape Coral, FL, USA