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    Nothing could of ever prepared me for the reading of the autopsy and police report that I received yesterday. My mamas injuries flashed in my head and burned into my brain. I'm sorry mama. I'm so sorry u had to go the way you did. 😭😭😭

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My mom was killed in a head on collision at 9:18 am May 5, 2023. Due to everyday life my brothers and I are struggling to pull together money to cremate mom and to have a celebration of life for her. Her name is Rebecca and she was 66. She was headed home and veered into the opposing lane an hit a Honda head on and was dead on impact. My brothers and I have families of our own and just don't have a lot of money. I am currently unemployed due to health issues and am awaiting my SSI. So really it's just my brothers who have income. We don't have any relatives really as they have all passed on. I am new to this area so I don't know anyone to ask for help so I decided to try a fundraising platform. Any help is much appreciated as we have had mom on ice for over 2 months now and need to lay her to rest. Any donations will help in her cremation and celebration of life and what's left over will go to her unpaid bills. Any donations will help my brothers in not having to figure out what bills of their own they can let go unpaid for the time being to take care of my mother's cremation and celebration of life. Most importantly donations will help lay my mother to rest finally and put our hearts and mind at ease. Thank you in advance.

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Christina Lozano

Lacey, WA, USA