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About this fundraiser

Dear friends-

We are reaching out because we need immediate help from our community. Our seventeen year daughter needs your financial support for surgery and ongoing neurological treatment. 

Chaela needs emergency surgery to remove diseased organs in her abdomen. Her medical condition is extremely complex and has become increasingly debilitating. She copes with excruciating pain every day. Her illness is progressing rapidly. Chaela is having fewer normal days. Chaela is a vibrant and adventurous young woman, but we are watching this illness destroy her sense of normality and her optimistic outlook on life. Chaela spent the last three weekends in two ambulances, two emergency rooms, Children‘s Health Care of Atalanta, and Northside hospital. 

Last Thursday, Chaela started experiencing severe and lengthy seizures. The seizures occur without warning -four to five times per day and they exceed six minutes. The aftermath of the seizures cause Chaela extreme fatigue, disorientation, memory issues, and feeling terrified.  Seizures coupled with intractable pain, and other symptoms has left Cheala feeling isolated .This bright and cheerful human is emotional exhausted. 

Moving forward with surgical intervention is imperative to regain her health. We need your financial support. It is our hope with your donations enough funds can be raised and surgery will be scheduled in the next thirty days. 

Due to the ongoing illness, missed work, and medical expenses from her illness we are experiencing financial scarcity. Our family is unable to afford this surgery and ongoing related-medical expenses. Our gracious  and supportive immediate family provided funds for her initial and second surgery in December, 2022. 

Chaela's surgeon is an internationally recognized expert in treating her medical diagnosis. His practice does not accept any type of insurance. Given the surgeons extensive training and experience we are confident he can improve her condition. hopefully when the disease is removed, the seizures will abate.

Our family would be incredibly grateful and extremely thankful if you could help us raise the funds to secure his first available appointment. Chaela can have the opportunity for a happy healthy future. 

Organized by

Steven Buchanan

Atlanta, GA, USA