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I’m writing with a humble request for someone in need!  Not just someone, but one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet! “Chris, the Maintenance Guy”, here at Rosemeade!

Hard times and hard luck have come his way, but he is too humble and unassuming to reach out for help…which makes me want to help even more! Hopefully you will too! No obligation but no donation is too small. It might take a village! If you can’t afford to help just your well wishes would definitely cheer him up!

What happened?! Unfortunately he broke his ankle about a month ago, received substandard medical care and delays due to health insurance issues, and now will most likely require surgery. He has been off work for a month and will likely not be able to return to work anytime soon. Additionally, before this happened he was working on repairing his truck which is not drivable. While struggling to get around on crutches and without transportation he has been dealing with the headache of negotiating with health insurance and the EDD for disability pay (and the four week delay before receiving benefits)!

He is in jeopardy of losing his job and his home here at Rosemeade. And it’s not just himself he’s worried about. He is the anchor and provider for his adult family (his brother who is legally blind and lives with him, his elderly mother and sister who is in treatment for cancer, as well as her young daughter).

Anyway, I hope that you can help! Please feel free to text me anytime if you have questions…Karen Rose (916) 765-1212. Thank you!!!


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