Latest update as of May 21, 2023

  • Christy's medical

    Christy was again moved from ICU to the IMC {Intermediate Care Unit). She is relatively stable right now but considering the problems she has had, she will remain there for a while. She had another procedure to draw fluid from a pocket in her abdomen. She is still undergoing her wound treatments but is now is able to sit in the chair for longer periods of time. After weeks of being allowed only ice chips, on Wednesday she was allowed sips of water and they are going to try her on oral medications. Additionally she has good movement back in her arms and therapy is going to begin working to strengthen her legs as she has not been able to stand much less walk for over five weeks. She will be facing a lengthy recovery period.

    We are extremely grateful for those who have offered prayers for Christy and her family. The prayers and donations on her behalf are much appreciated.

About this fundraiser

We are the family of Christy Bryan. Christy has spent her entire adult life caring for others as a nurse. Now she has become the patient, she was diagnosed with Lynch syndrome and has battled colon and rectal cancer. Christy went in for a colonoscopy and the doctor found a tumor. She went in for surgery on 4-10-23 and there were major complications. She became septic and has been in ICU on the vent since 4-16-23. Christy has had 2 more surgeries because the sutures were leaking bile and feces into her abdomen. She was told recovery time was 2-4 weeks so she used her vacation time and didn't fill out paperwork for short-term disability or FMLA. Christy has a child at home and her disabled mom lives with them. We are not sure how long she will be out of work or what her insurance will pay, what we do know is that her bills still have to be paid so they do not end up homeless. Everything donated will go directly to her to help with medical bills and other bills. If you are able to donate anything, no matter how much it will help tremendously, we would be forever grateful and prayers for healing are much appreciated.

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Rhonda Been

Austin, TX, USA

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