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Good morning, everyone. 
I request your prayers for my family during this difficult time. My father passed away this morning, and I'm still grappling with the loss of my mother. I'm feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to cope. Asking for help with his service. Anything you can help with I would appreciate it!  As the oldest of ten I’m having to do everything. It’s hard to be in this position once again . Not to long ago my mother passed.. Of course we don’t know when we will leave this earth. I was not prepared for this situation. I’m just trying to give my dad a send off in a nice way . Not looking to do a big event that’s not something my dad would want. Thats why I would like to cremate him. And i know he would be okay with that!  Once if you can’t give a prayer goes a long way too! 
Thank you.❤️❤️

Organized by

Aaron White

Cedar Hill, TX, USA