About this fundraiser

You always hear about deadbeat and absent fathers…Here is a story of the opposite of that. 

His story is sad indeed. He was cheated on, and verbally abused, (no one wants to hear that, or acknowledge it happened) and she left for another man and with her she took the kids… 

Now you are in family court, you are fighting for time with your kids, she is fighting for more money, you are ordered to pay most  of her lawyers fees because “She is willfully underemployed”. almost 3 years of this.  She made an offer, but when explained it would mean she would get less money because of  a few more overnights a month and,  she decides to rethink her offer.

He is on the verge of losing his house, the only stable thing his kids have known, he can't fix his vehicle that he uses to pick up the kids, the legal fees are literally bankrupting him in effort to be with his kids more. 

Please help me show him that being a good dad and fighting to spend time with them shouldnt be punished, and that there are people who believe there are good dads!

Organized by

Lorelei Mateo

Paw Paw, IL, USA