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Hi, My name is Evelin. I decided go start a go fund me. His name is Daniel. He was just diagnosed with leukemia and diabetes, May 6. He lost around 40lbs in one month. We noticed then he started to say he couldn't move his legs. He was hospitalized for a few days. They found bloodclots in his legs. And his sugar level were in the 300s. The doctor then ordered a bone marrow biopsy to see why he was coming anemic. He was sent home just to come back with a positive test for leukemia. He just started chemo the next day. My uncle stopped working, hoping to return to Mexico to reunite with his wife But everything is on hold. We don't know how long his treatments will go for, if it will come back or even if it gets aggressive. We know God is on our side. We just need some help to provide him for what he needs. And upcoming medical bills. We appreciate everything. Anything helps. We thank everyone for donating.

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Evelin Lizardi

Round Lake, IL, USA