About this fundraiser

I'm starting this fundraiser for my daughter Zoe she is 11 years old about to be 12 in 2 weeks. she was born with scoliosis over the years her curve just continued to get bigger and bigger. she started wearing back braces at the age of 2 years old every few months she had to get a new one than when she was 5 she had to get put in a back cast for the whole summer it did some inprovement but not much her curve was already at 40 degress at that point than it was back to the back braces which kept it at 40 degress. Than covid hit which made it impossible to get in for a new back brace or to even get in to see her doctor and thats when her curve got really bad over the 2 year period. Her curve went up 128 degrees which is a really severe curve she was in so much pain was finally able to get her in to her doctors last year we had to wait 6 months just to get in for an mri after her mri her doctor wanted to her to see a lung and heart doctor just to make sure it didnt affect her heart and lungs. which it didnt affect them to much its just her chest cavity is smaller than most because of the way her curve is so her doctor wanted to try a halo traction for 6 weeks to try and get her strighten out before we did a spinal infusion which she ended up being in the halo for 8 weeks because she get got covid. The halo took 30 degrees off her spine so it was down to 98 degrees before the spinal infusion. Her doctor was hoping that with the surgery he could get her curve down to at least 30 40 degrees pretty much where her spine was when she was 5 but things didnt go as planned her body couldnt take being and strighter so he could only get it down to 80 degrees which is still a pretty big curve. A few hours after surgery she started to lose feeling in her legs which came and went so she got sent for a catscan which showed that there was nothing wrong but she still kept losing the feeling in her legs but the catscan did catch the she had an open space in her chest where her right lung should of been and one doctor wanted to place a chest tube to remove the air that was in that open space but her other doctors wanted to do high pressured oxygen for a few days before they put her in more pain which after about 5 days finally made that lung fall into place which i am so thankful for. She still having trouble with her legs so she might have to stay in the hosptial for another 4 weeks to do pt. She has been though so much in her life and she has been the strongest and bravest kid i have ever seen. We have been thought so much in the last 15 years not just with are daughter but just with everything we lost a son almost 7 years ago in nov both of are mothers have passed within the last 3 years and my husband got laid off from his job and the bills are just piling up and we also have a 1 year old daughter that is going though her own medical problems It's just been one thing after another. I never in my life wanted to ask anyone for help but things are just starting to get out of control so i'm finally asking for help she still has a very long recovery to go yet so please if you can help in anyway you can.

Organized by

Todd Waniolek

Clinton Township, MI, USA