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Hello, my name is Danielle Brown and I'm here to seek help for the burial of my brother Danny Brown Jr. This year has hit our family with tragedy, my brother had congestive heart failure and a couple years ago he had a defibrillator put in. January 1st 2023 he ask to use my car to go to the gas station. A few hours went by, and just when I was about call him my phone rang with news that my brother had died in my car a the gas station. My family and I are devastated to say the least.. I'm a single mother that works in dietary at a nursing home how can I get through this?.. He didn't have any insurance, so I'm just scrolling the net and I come across this site in hopes I find the help that I do desperately need to bury my 39 year brother that has gone too soon. I don't where this letter may end up..but I hope that whomever reads it can help me or point me in the direction I need to go. Thank you for read with Much Love Danielle🥹💜💜💜

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Danielle Brown

Detroit, MI, USA