About this fundraiser

This fundraiser is being raised for me and a group of passionate friends who are very gifted .I've grown up with them and met many of them on the streets.Most of them are Divine creatives and they not only struggle with autism but also they struggle with socio economic hardship. I've always wanted to do something that would help heal the collective and this is definitely part of my dream. To  encourage art a vehicle for healing the collective. I am an only child and my friends have become my family. And I would love to use this money to expound upon my business for healing and grow my business to be able to help a wider audience of people through our creativity. I ultimately would like to open a creative healing spa or an art gallery that would provide a safe space for people to receive healing on a spiritual and physical planes. I appreciate any support you can offer and I'm so grateful for your help.

Organized by

Miccael Beriones

San Diego, CA, USA