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Dreams of a Dolla

Creating music is my calling, my purpose, and the vessel through which I bring joy and connection to countless listeners across the world. Today, I am reaching out to you, as I embark on a journey to produce a new album - a collection of songs forged in the heart of shared experiences and set to strike a chord with listeners everywhere.


However, to make this vision a reality, I need your support to raise funds for professional studio time, travel, and touring expenses. Composing and delivering exceptional music requires certain resources that often remain behind the scenes, overlooked but crucial for bringing the auditory magic to life.

By contributing to my Dreams of a Dolla fundraiser, you'll be playing a significant role in birthing this new album and fueling a journey of musical discovery. The road is long, and obstacles may arise, but with your support, I can overcome any challenge and continue making the music that resonates with all.

Every contribution, no matter how small, brings us one step closer to achieving this dream. Not only will you be supporting my musical endeavors directly, but you will also be a part of fostering musical artistry and culture globally.

Under the Dreams of a Dolla project, every dollar donated will be meticulously utilized to ensure maximum output and to provide you, along with all supporters, the music that you deserve.

In return for your investment, I'll be offering a series of rewards ranging from your name in the album credits to exclusive early access to the completed album, behind-the-scenes updates, and even VIP access to album launch events.

Join me on this musical journey, as I continue my adventures in rhythm, harmony, and words. With your support, we can dream big together!

To participate, simply choose your preferred format from the available options and kindly make your contribution. If you need additional information or have queries, feel free to reach out to me.

Let's make music that matters.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. Every bit counts!

Kind regards, Cross Dollarz 


Organized by

Tychandon Cross

St. Louis, MO, USA


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