About this fundraiser

Greeting to those reading my story. LUCKY to be born yet faced challenges all my life from congenital hand/ feet/ fused spine defects. 

Acute health crisis in 2011, I nearly died. Somehow ( until these past 14 months) I managed to meet rent. Now with mounting credit card debt for medical expenses, I am  falling into debt crevasse.. 

Had a rewarding career cut short due to acute health crisis, disability and sinking in debt. Eeked out making my bill payment, rent, food until March 13, 2020.

Stayed afloat barley making my monthly bills working part time until COVID. 

Racked up heavy credit card debt ( $25,000) unable to work after COVID . Actively looking for part time work with no results. Congenital defect, disability is a huge factor in finding a job I can perform.

GIVE A HAND, aptly named. (See pic)I need financial help! Facing food and housing instability, credit cards maxed out due to the years with no unemployment payments, only social security after being deemed and on SSDI since 2006. Had to have dental procedure due to overlap auto immune conditions.

Any small donation would be a godsend.

Thank you, I’m humbly grateful you took the time to read about my challenges. And difficult to do, I’m asking for help to pay down looming credit, outstanding healthcare bills. 

Organized by

N Stuart

Albuquerque, NM, USA