About this fundraiser

My son Dylan is 20 years old He was admitted in Tampa General Hospital on December 25, 2022 The doctor's diagnosed him with influenza a and strep a. Dylan was septic shock when he admitted. It's a miracle that Dylan is here. Dylan's kidneys were severely damaged due to this tragedy He was on dialysis and his feet had to be amputated…. My son has been through a lot it's a miracle that he's here… with that being said we were asking for anyone to donate….it would be greatly appreciated…The funds donated will go towards emergency purposes for family to be there for him and also for medical needs financial assistance that he need from this point on so that he may be recover… 

"God bless you Dylan ❤️

You are my baby

You are precious every part of you, No one can ever replace you son…God made you unique in every way. I am so blessed to have you in my life… you have come so far since Christmas, you are improving every day….


Organized by

Melissa Johnson(For Dylan Johnson) "My Baby"

Tampa, FL, USA