About this fundraiser

Hey. Its Michelle, Erin's little sister. Some of you might know me as Mel. Im not really sure exactly where to start, Im still processing everything to be honest. This was completely unexpected.

Erin was in a car accident on September 15th. She was initially on life support, but declared officially braindead and had no chance of recovering. In the last few years, she signed up to be an organ donor, so she was able to save at least one person. Originally, the plan was for her to donate both kidneys and her liver, but once she was in the operating room they realized that her kidneys were too damaged in the accident, which was also the case for her lungs and heart. The woman who recieved her liver was critical, without it she wouldnt have made it.

Erin was just a few weeks from driving out to Michigan to see her only son, Brandon, graduate from college. She was so proud of him and couldn't wait for the trip. She just started attending college classes again, herself, at our local community college. She was going for Addiction Counseling, something she would have, without a doubt, been great at. She has been in recovery for 9 years and was finally starting to really live her life again. She just bought herself her first nice car. She had been working as a caretaker for our dad, she did everything for him, so hes lost without her.

One of the things Erin was very passionate about was her cats. Well, any cats. She had so many of her own that she had taken in, plus strays that were dumped off in the area or left by neighbors. She took care of all of them. They all had names.... tucker, toes, spot, stanley, finny, stinky....the list goes on. Her son has taken a few of the kittens to find them new homes, the rest im taking care of until we can rehome them, as well. Altogether there are about twenty. She would hate to see them go to the SPCA.

Erin was selfless, empathetic, funny, and an amazing friend and sister. She would do anything for anyone, especially the people she cared about. Everyone is completely shocked and one thing ive heard over and over is that no one expected something like this to happen to her. She was always so careful when she was driving, always wore her seatbelt. She was running late for a dentist appointment out of town, and took a route she normally doesnt take to make up a few minutes...and never made it. Its still hard to believe that shes gone.

I am hoping that by doing this, she can have the memorial service/celebration of life that she deserves. We are also fundraising to help with the costs of caring for the cats and kittens so any donations are welcome and appreciated.

(Donations will go to the costs related to the cremation and having a memorial service)

Organized by

Michelle Martin

Olean, NY, USA