About this fundraiser

About this Fundraiser:

The Diggs Children Benefit: Supporting Boo and Jennifer's kids Malina & Messiah 

Friends of the family have established a fund to ease the burden of expenses and assist in affording the experiences, joys, and activities typical of any childhood. 


In December of 2022 beloved Husband and proud Father James “Boo” Diggs Jr. passed away unexpectedly. In the year since his passing, his family continues to adjust as they are faced with the challenges of reimagining life during this time of healing.

Our Call to Action:

It is our hope that this network of friends, family, and community can partner together to provide Jennifer and the kids with financial support to assist with household expenses and occasional outings or experiences that will aid in restoring peace and contribute to the kids’ growth and learning. 

Jennifer has always been there to lend a helping hand to others. Now, it’s our turn to open our hearts and extend a hand to provide some comfort and assistance during this difficult time. As family, friends, and community members let us partner together to give the family our emotional and financial support. Together we can make a significant impact in helping them navigate through this challenging chapter of their lives. 

How you can make a difference:

Contribute to this fundrasing campaign to support the Family 

Every contribution, of any size, will assist in affording the experiences, joys, and activities typical of any childhood for Malina and Messiah. 

May our combined strength and resilience light the family’s way. Your support, in any form is deeply appreciated. 

Thank you for your generosity.

Organized by

Mateo Perez

Mountville, PA, USA