Latest update as of Mar 05, 2024

  • Phase 2

    Here we are! The start of phase 2. I can’t even begin to imagine what goes through this man’s mind as he sits waiting. On the outside he looks great, he’s funny, kind and loving. I’m scared as hell. He’s a fighter. We are fighters. Please continue sharing our story! Thank you all.

    Phase 2

About this fundraiser

Let me tell you about Tony! He is kind, loving, FUNNY, caring and real. He loves like no other man I’ve ever met. His kids are his life! We met 13 yrs ago and he took on 3 kids, we blended our families to total 5 kids! We are simple people. We do not live extravagantly. Family is everything.  The raw reality is none of us are invincible. Cancer comes and attacks you, your body and everyone and thing you love.  You get up everyday and you silently fight a battle no one has ever told you about! 
As Tony’s caretaker, it’s incredibly hard to financially provide for our family.  All of a sudden at your weakest, appliances break, vehicles need maintenance, day to day expenses continue. 
Please share our fundraiser, expenses will never go away. I’m not trying to get rich, I’m just looking for people who can  give a little help at this time! We are so incredibly thankful to those who have donated, shared and reached out already! Your kindness and generosity has not gone unnoticed! At the very least, be kind in all you do.  We all have battles to fight. 

Organized by

Sherry Bellacqua

Northbridge, MA, USA