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  • My dad is finally free

    Sammy Boyce Faulkenbury left all his pain behind on 1/24/2024. I don’t know how to explain that my heart is shattered but at peace knowing he’s not hurting anymore. The majority of his life was hard and he had way too many painful experiences for one person to ever have to endure. I won’t be able to follow his exact wishes but with everyone’s amazing donations we will be able to place him with his mother. He spent most of his life with her and we believe that is where he belongs. Thank you all so much. If anymore donations are received they will go towards a small grave marker for him.

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Update 1-22-2024 My dads nurses are now saying he has hours to maybe days left here with us. We have finally decided on who we are going to use for his services. So if anyone would like to donate to them directly I will post their information. 

For: Sammy Faulkenbury

Holland Funeral Service & Crematory
806 Circle Dr. Monroe NC, 28112


Thank you so much to everyone that has donated ,shared this page and said a prayer for him. I can‘t even explain how much it means to me. 


My father is currently at Hospice House and I’m being told that he only has days to maybe a couple weeks left here with me. When all this began in April 2023 I did not expect this to be the outcome. He battled a terrible infection in his bloodstream that eventually settled in his spine. After many antibiotics, hospital stays, and rehabilitation services we thought he was going to be ok. We had no clue that the infection was going to exacerbate his Parkinson’s and lead us here. To see him go from being so strong and determined to not knowing who I am(his only child ), being so confused and frail is devastating. He has no life insurance and there is no way I can afford his final expenses without help. Before his mind got so bad he told me he wanted to be buried. I explained to him I couldn’t afford that and talked to him about cremation. I’d love to be able to give him what he truly wants but if not I will go ahead with cremation. Any help would be greatly appreciated so that I can start making plans for his final resting place. Thank you so much. 

Organized by

Sammie Stamey

Monroe, NC, USA

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