About this fundraiser

My family will benefit from proceeds and Liv a life free of poverty an make a life of comfortability for generations to come.They will invest what money to generate generational wealth.And give to less fortunate and make donations for legitimate causes that help our young kids understand a life of success and not fear failure but learn from mistakes to be and dream of making progress.They will help les fortunate and become philanthropist so others have a moral compass while feeling good about making it a better place for unfortunate souls.trades and interest in lives will be granted for the ones who want a life that success and love is the way to recruit people with a mentality life of unconditional love.Where criminals will be given a chance to not be reformed in to the street that lead them astray.Programs for men and women of all walks of life living in harmony and being taught the one and universal God will welcome those with a arm that shields the most evil from repeating.Men and women treated as humans and not vicious animals.All is needed is love and a place where humanity is at harmony.

Organized by

Dustin Storey

Callaway, FL, USA