About this fundraiser

This fundraiser is for my brother Rick who passed away in the main jail in San Jose , California. He had a rough life due to being severely mentally and physically abused by our father. He endured the worst out of all 4 of us and when my mom died, he never really got over it. His life quickly took a tailspin and he ended up homeless for most of his adult life. He was a kind soul but needed medication to keep him balanced. He never really had a chance at life so I wanted to give him a proper burial, so he could rest with our mother in her niche. But to get my brother from the morgue to the mortuary is about $1600. Then to have him cremated is another $3000 and they include fees for transport, fees for the death certificate, fees for the niche, fees for the name plate, fees for the box or urn, and taxes and it all totals to $9995.00.  This is also including the $49 a day storage fee for the morgue as I have been trying to seek out family to help me pay for it all without any success. So this is my final attempt before I have to sign his body over to the state and they cremate him and scatter his ashes over the SF bay. We would not be able to keep his ashes if we went this route.  I really don’t like to ask for any help, but I am left without any other choice. Please find it in your hearts to help me out my brother to rest with our mother….it would mean the world to me and I know he would love to know he was right next to his most favorite person in the world. 
Thank you and god bless!

Organized by

Melissa Ramirez

San Jose, CA, USA