About this fundraiser

I hate that I am unable to take care of my little lady the way I should.  She puts all her trust in me.  Looks like she has a Severely infected tooth, teeth.  Requiring surgery to remove infected teeth.  It's been over a month since diagnosis and I cannot come up with funds and it really can't wait any longer without endangering her health significantly.  She's not eating as she should .  I'm assuming it's painful though she never shows it. I was supposed to have scheduled it last month but could not.  Please.  For my pore old girl.  I don't want her last years to be ones of agony.  She deserves better.  The estimate from the clinic is $800+ $1000. This is just the surgery.  Any follow up care or medication will be more.  It's my birthday this month on the 18th.  Make this your birthday present to me and I will be eternally grateful. I need to schedule ASAP so I appreciate any support I can get. Thank you in advance. Peace

Organized by

Heath Reichert

Houston, TX, USA