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My name is Brittany cossaboon. I am setting up this due to the unexpected and unfortunate passing of my mother, Anna White on this day of January 25th, 2023.

My mom leaves behind 5 children with the youngest still a minor. She has no life insurance, and our family was not financially prepared for my mother's unexpected passing. Our mother was only 58 years young. 

She was single mom, with medical disabilities, and was a terrific mother! My mom was always one to quickly help others whenever in need, and she was not one who would reach out for help for herself. 

She had a kind heart and a gentle soul and was welcoming to everyone. Our mom was a true angel that walked the earth and as all children think, she was our superhero, and unselfishly cared for us her whole life. 

As you can imagine, my siblings and I are very devastated and at a complete loss due to her sudden passing. Two days after Christmas, on December 27th, 2022, our mother was admitted to Inspira Hospital due to Influenza which turned into pneumonia. She was encountering some complications with breathing, and due to some of her medical issues was already on oxygen at home. However, the oxygen was not providing her with much comfort so during the admission, she was placed on the ventilator to assist with breathing. She remained on the ventilator for 11 days. Most people should not pass the 7-day mark on a ventilator, but my siblings and I did not know this at the time and on the 11th day the hospital was pushing us to decide on the future of our mother's health/life and wellbeing. We were given the option to let her pass peacefully at this time and/or the hospital could perform a Tracheostomy so that she would be able to breath. In addition to the Trachea, she had a PEG tube placement procedure performed which is where a feeding tube is placed. We were told the procedures would give our mom a 50/50 chance for survival.  My siblings and I were praying for a positive outcome but soon after we had to have the trachea connected to the ventilator as she still was unable to breath on her own. To our disappointment there was no improvement. Her situation worsened because the trachea tube, connected to the ventilator became infected. The hospital had to replace the first trachea tube, with a longer tube. After the procedure, and because she was on the ventilator for a total of 28 days, her kidneys failed so she was placed on dialysis. As of this morning, January 25, 2023, she required a blood transfusion. Instead of her condition improving as we had hoped, it drastically declined. As a result, myself with my siblings (young adults and 1 minor) had to make the difficult decision that no young adult or children should have to make, and that was to let our loving and caring mother pass peacefully. As I write this, our hearts are broken and our future is unknown as we no longer have our mother's kind words, or soft-spoken voice to guide us. 

My siblings and I have no one that we can turn to for financial support and/or guidance thus we decided to create a Go Fund Me for help with a proper service and burial for our mom. We are trying to raise $4570.  To cover the cost of her services at DeMarco - Luisi Funeral Home, 2755 S. Lincoln Ave., Vineland N.J. 08361

Our family would appreciate any donation made, and if you are unable to contribute, we sure would appreciate it if you can keep us all in your thoughts and prayers during this time as we have a lot to sort out and figure out over the next week or so.   

Our thanks to you in advance, 

Anna Roger's Children

Organized by

Brittany Cossaboon

Millville, NJ, USA